of Working with Freelance Copywriter Shad Connelly

Advantages of Working with Freelance Copywriter Shad Connelly

Beyond the general advantages of employing a freelance copywriter, my unique content development services provide a number of additional benefits to take your organization’s marketing efforts to the next level:

Define & Strengthen Your Brand

Most copywriters can take your message and put it on the page (with varying levels of success), but not all copywriters are adept at helping you develop and define your brand. I am. I can assist you in carving out an effective identity for your organization; crafting your core mission or message; and presenting that information to customers so it carries substantial weight, value and impact.

Engage New Audiences on the Web

Your marketing may be honed and perfected through years of work. Your brand may be well established. And yet you may still be lacking in a key area: Online Marketing. I stand out from other freelance copywriters with my expertise and specialization in web content development, social media and online marketing. Using quality content and a customized strategy, I can help you reach new audiences and enhance your online presence.

Demonstrate Your Expertise & Claim Your Niche

A great way to promote your business and acquire new customers is to establish yourself as an expert or thought leader in your industry. I can help you accomplish that goal by creating valuable content that positions your organization as a knowledge resource. As a result: Customers will gain increased confidence in your organization, turn to your company when they have questions, and be more inclined to take advantage of your products or services.

When you work with freelance copywriter Shad Connelly, you get:

• An expert with a master’s degree in professional writing and 10+ years of diverse copywriting experience
• A specialist with the knowledge and skills to develop effective and engaging Web content
• An editor who will revise, rework and rewrite your content until it meets your approval
• A writer with a marketing mindset – focused on strategy, creativity and getting you results

Shad Connelly

I'm a Pittsburgh freelance copywriter and communications consultant. I develop online marketing content to define your business and strengthen your brand. Reach me at