Content Marketing Tools I Use Every Day (and You Can Too)

5 Content Marketing Tools I Use Every Day (and You Can Too)

I create online content on a daily basis for different businesses, brands and organizations. From website updates and blogging to social posts and podcasts, the Internet is the canvas where I do most of my work.

And it’s more than just writing. While crafting content is at the core of the services I provide, I also spend a lot of time doing research, formatting content for online consumption, and driving eyeballs to published material.

When you’re juggling different projects and clients, efficiency is essential. You have to make the most of your time because, quite frankly, there’s no time to waste. A key part of that is finding the right tools to make your everyday tasks quicker and easier.

Five Online Marketing Tools You Should Check Out

For all the individuals out there looking to more effectively manage your content marketing efforts, I thought I’d share a handful of the essential tools I use almost every day. Hopefully these will help make your work (and life) a little easier like they have for me…


This online graphic design software, shared with me by a colleague, was a jackpot discovery. It was exactly what I had been looking for to make personalized, branded images for many of the different blogs and social media pages I manage. You can use Canva to make customized website or blog graphics (rather than rely on generic stock photos), images with text to post on social media, posters, presentations, and more. The best part: It’s free.



While Evernote has a bunch of different features, I mostly just use it as a note-taking tool for scribbling down blog post ideas or podcast topics and saving links or articles I want to bookmark. It’s a handy tool, with a good design, that syncs pretty smoothly across devices. So I can use it on both my laptop and iPhone pretty seamlessly. Evernote has a free Basic version (perfect for simple note making) and a couple of paid plans with more features.


This has been my social media management tool of choice for several years now. It’s great for managing multiple social media accounts at one time and scheduling posts ahead of time. I use it primarily to manage Twitter accounts for about 4-6 different clients (though I don’t really use it much for the Facebook, G+, or LinkedIn accounts I manage). Hootsuite also has both a free version (where you can manage up to three social accounts) and a paid “Pro” version that enables you to manage up to 50 different accounts for $9.99/month.

Hootsuite Dashboard


This has become my stock image site of choice in the past couple years for a few reasons: (1) the images are of pretty decent quality; (2) there’s a lot to choose from; and (3) the price is right, with a small 450 x 450 jpeg costing less than a dollar. That’s a ballpark figure since 123RF offers both subscription plans and on-demand image prices—with the most cost-efficient choice depending on how many images you need on a daily or monthly basis.



As someone who frequently interviews people to learn more about the topics I write about, Transcribe has been a real find. While it doesn’t actually take an audio file and turn it into text, it does make it easier to do that yourself. Rather than going back and forth between an audio player and a text editor, Transcribe puts them both in one place. It also enables you to speed up or slow down audio playback as needed. This tool has cut may transcribing time in half.

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