When Should You Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

When Should You Hire a Freelance Copywriter?

Are you considering working with a freelance copywriter? Maybe it’s your first time delving into the freelance world and you’re still a little uncertain. Is it the right time? Is it the right choice? Here’s some information to help you make the best decision…

First, let’s explore your needs and options. What level of copywriting help do you need (full-time, part-time, or project) and over what kind of timeline (long-term, short-term, or one-off)?

If You Need Long-Term Help, Consider Hiring an In-House Copywriter

To be upfront, there is a better option than working with a freelance copywriter—hiring an in-house copywriter. If you have the resources (AKA the $$$) to add a copywriter to your team, and you have a high level of work, I suggest going this route.

Beyond just a single project, a salaried copywriter will benefit your organization in more ways than you could ever imagine. So if you can create a copywriter position and hire one on full-time, stop reading this post and get hiring.

But Not Every Organization Has The Resources To Do That

If that sounds more like your organization, read on!

For businesses in a bind that need content and cannot produce it in-house, working with a freelance copywriter may be the best option. Generally speaking, organizations turn to a freelance copywriter because they face one (or several) of the four common challenges required to produce content.

Here’s what those challenges are and how a freelance copywriter can provide a solution…

Content Challenges & Freelance Solutions

These are the four common challenges that typically point organizations in the direction of a freelance copywriter. Which of the these copywriting challenges is your organization facing?

1. The Clock Is Ticking (Time)

Challenge: You need a project done fast. Faster than your organization can do it. You have other jobs to do or business aspects to focus on, and there’s no way you can complete the copywriting project by the deadline.

Solution: In a situation where time is a factor, a freelance copywriter can be beneficial because—unlike individuals within your organization—they can devote all their time to getting your project done. They can give you a quick turnaround by dedicating themselves fully to your project until it’s complete.

2. Cost Is An Issue (Money)

Challenge: You’d love to bring someone in-house to help with your copywriting project (or projects), but you just don’t have the cash to hire a full-timer. You need to complete your project without breaking the bank.

Solution: An efficient freelance copywriter can offer a great cost benefit to your organization. The reason is simple: An experienced professional writer will give you a quote upfront for the price of a project. Unless the scope of the project changes, you shouldn’t have to pay a penny more. And unlike a salaried position, you don’t have to pay for hours at the water cooler or checking email. You also don’t have to provide a freelancer with costly benefits or amenities.

3. You’re Out Of Your Element (Personnel)

Challenge: Perhaps a copywriting project is a completely new thing for your organization. It has come up for some reason or another, and it’s far outside your wheelhouse. You tried to do it yourself but it caused far too much stress.

Solution: If you’re looking for a writer on a one-time-only or temporary basis, a freelance copywriter is undoubtedly your best bet. You’ll get what you need with no additional hassles or obligations. The key is finding a writer who meets your specific project needs. When you do, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress.

4. You Need A Specialist (Expertise)

Challenge: You have people on staff who typically take care of your content development. But you find you need someone with greater specialization for a project or series of projects moving into the future. You might also just need help managing work overflow.

Solution: The great thing about freelancers is they give you cost-effective access to any and every skill you need. A freelance copywriter provides your organization additional expertise any time you need it—without paying to manage it in-house. Need a website copywriter for a specific project? Need someone to manage social media sites for a client? You have the resources. In today’s connected world, partnering with a freelancer copywriter can add significant value to your organization.

What To Look For In A Freelance Copywriter

You’ve decided you’re in. Now you face the challenge of finding the right freelance copywriter. Where do you begin? Obviously if you can get a reference from someone, that’s a clear starting point. If not, begin with a web search. Punch in the type of freelance writer you’re looking for based on your project needs. For example: search “freelance website copywriter” or “marketing copywriter” or “Pittsburgh freelance copywriter”.

As you begin to peruse the results, see if you like what the writer has to offer. Does his or her experience or expertise fit your project? Do you like their website and what they say? These are important preliminary questions. Once you make contact with a writer (or various writers), ask for applicable writing samples to review. Set up a phone call and see if they are a good fit.

Most importantly, you want to find out:

  1. the writer’s cost for the project
  2. their timeline for completing the project
  3. their vision for the project

After collecting the information, make an educated decision. See how the relationship develops and assess the copywriter’s value. If you’re not happy with their writing, don’t work with them again. If you are, you may have a strategic partner your organization can turn to time and time again for all your copywriting needs.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a freelance copywriter and explore the unique advantages of partnering with freelance copywriter Shad Connelly.

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