13 Terrific Writing Tips from Twitter

13 Terrific Writing Tips from Twitter

When you need thoughts, ideas or tips, one of the best places to turn is Twitter. Once you learn how to filter through the noise, you can find all sorts of valuable information.

Why I Love Twitter

Of all the social networks out there (and there are many), Twitter is by far my favorite. I mean that both personally and professionally. Why do I like Twitter so much? One reason…

The Limitations

With the 140-character limit, Twitter was made to be concise. Even with the addition of images and videos over the years, and the network’s more relaxed recent rule changes, it’s still all about the quick blurb.

As a reader (and daily internet information vacuum), that’s something I appreciate. I like that I can quickly scan through hundreds of tweets to quickly find the ones that speak to me.

As a writer, I like the fact that with a limited amount of space (less than 140 characters if you leave room for retweets) there is increasing importance placed on the words you use. Twitter is the social network where writing matters most.

Wisdom & Inspiration in 140 Characters (or Less)

In my work, I turn to Twitter for all sorts of things. I use it to promote content I’ve written (for myself and clients), research the national conversation around a topic, or sometimes just gather general ideas and information.

To that last point, Twitter is actually a great learning tool. It’s a fantastic place to find thoughts and tips on almost any topic. For example, I regularly seek out and share writing tips from other Twitter users.

A Baker’s Dozen: 13 Copywriting Tips from the Twitterverse

Here’s a sample of some of the writing nuggets of wisdom I’ve found on Twitter recently…

Check out the copywriting tips I tweet out regularly—and share your tips with me: Follow me on Twitter.

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