• Believer in the power of a strong narrative
  • Masters degree in professional writing
  • Experienced in corporate communications, technical writing, public relations, and web development
  • Focused on creating simple, powerful content for your brand

From a young age, storytelling caught my attention.

From movies (Back to the Future, Beetlejuice) and books (Nine Stories, High Fidelity) to commercials (Cap’n Crunch versus the Soggies) and baseball games (those ’86 Mets), I found myself seeing through the spectacle to the narrative propelling it. The story was what grabbed me.

My fascination with story led me to become a writer.

I studied English and Journalism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and went on to attain a masters degree in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. That took me to the corporate world where I had the opportunity to wear many different writing hats (technical, marketing, public relations, creative) before finding my niche writing for the Web.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of simplicity.

In over a decade of work as a professional writer, I’ve learned a lot about online writing. All the plates you need to spin at the same time (voice, message, brand, theme, subtext, etc.); and how to use all the resources available (blogging, social media, email, websites, etc.) to tell a story.

More than anything, I’ve realized the power of simplicity. I write strong and straightforward content that gets to the heart of your story.