• Writing original content for your blog
  • Editing content produced by your organization
  • Formatting, imaging and publishing posts
  • Creating meta data for your posts to enhance SEO

Any organization serious about its online presence should have a blog. Providing informative content for your target audience is the best way to draw people to your business on the Web.

Writing effective blog content poses a challenge for many organizations.

That’s because most businesses lack one or more of the essential resources—time, money or expertise—to effectively launch or maintain their blog-writing efforts. That’s where I come in.

I will assist you to regularly publish brand-driven content to your company blog.

I provide services to meet the blogging needs of your organization—whether developing post ideas, editing employee-written content, ghostwriting new posts, or prepping your content for publication.

There’s more to blogging than just showing up.

You have to work to draw readers to your content. I also provide services to help you promote your posts and drive readers to your blog. The more eyeballs you attract, the more your posts will turn up in search engine results.

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