• Identifying content for inclusion in each newsletter
  • Writing captivating “content previews” to draw people in
  • Optimizing subject lines and e-letter formatting
  • Monitoring results and making adjustments

An effective content marketing strategy should include an email newsletter. By delivering information directly to customers, you build stronger brand connections and drive readers to your online content.

In the spectrum of online marketing, email newsletters often get lost in the fray.

Companies struggle with creating succinct and compelling newsletter content. They also find it challenging to get their newsletter out to customers consistently (at the same time each week or month).

I will make sure your e-newsletter reaches subscribers on a regular basis.

I will help you set up your email newsletter and put together content that compels customers to read more. I will monitor your results and make changes to subject lines and formatting to improve your opens and clicks.

I will help you use your e-newsletter to increase your website traffic.

Since people don’t always come directly to you, email newsletters are a great way to draw them in. By giving potential customers a glimpse of the valuable content you provide, you will inspire them to visit your site and learn more about your brand.

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